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September 2020 | Quarter Master Buffalo

Don Solwold | Esko, Minnesota

You could see a true appreciation in the eyes of Don Solwold as he watched his bison herd graze mere feet in front of him. “This animal is just as amazing now as it was when I brought the first one home,” said Don. That is quite a testament, because at 87, the first time bison hooves stepped on his rural Esko property took place over 46 years ago.

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March 2020 | Highview Bison

Charles, Alex, and Celia Gall | Reedsburg, Wisconsin

It’s hard to believe I have been involved in bison since 1971. Dad and mom started with a heard of five animals (one bull, four young cows) from the National Bison Range in Montana. We topped out at about 200 head in the mid-to-late 90’s. We got a one-page letter from the National Bison Range on what to haul bison in.

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December 2019 | HellBent Bison

Kris Holmen and family | Rice, Minnesota

I grew up a country boy, not on a farm, but on a lake. But my grandparents had a dairy farm, and as a kid I loved spending time at the farm with my grandpa! I was his shadow and I earned the nickname Guy. When I would be with him, people would ask him, “Who’s this?” And my grandpa would always reply, “this is my little guy”.

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September 2019 | Rockie Hill Bison

Dave and Gail Griffin  | Winona, Minnesota

Twenty-nine years ago, neither of us foresaw the path we embarked on. While looking for a 10 to 20- acre parcel to build a home, Dave discovered a 300-acre farm that had yet to be listed and sellers wanted less than the smaller parcels looked at. He skillfully convinced Gail it was an excellent investment and Rockie Hill became a reality and forever altered our journey.

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June 2019 | Curt and Diana Radcliff

Curt and Diana Radcliff | Storm Lake Iowa

Bison has actually been on my heart and in my head for years. I was traveling west on I-90 heading into the Columbia Gorge. I don’t know the mile marker but could take you to the exact place when I heard an almost audible, “bison”. I couldn’t figure it out because there weren’t any animals around. I hadn’t even seen any bison while traveling but couldn’t get them out of my thoughts.

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December 2018 | War Road Buffalo Ranch

Mike Marvin | Warroad, Minnesota

A Marvin Window truck leaving Warroad with windows is a daily occurrence. However, when that semi returns back to Warroad and unloads live buffalo—that is something new and different. Forty six years ago on a route back from Rapid City, a Marvin driver pulled into Murdo, SD and loaded calves at Don Hight’s ranch. The arrival of those calves in our town marked the beginning of the War Road Buffalo Ranch.

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September 2018 | Grand View Bison Ranch

Kristopher Brown | Cadott, Wisconsin

Lately we have been getting asked a lot how we started Grand View Bison Ranch and why we chose bison, so when the MNBA Executive Director Jessica Spaeth asked me if we would be interested in sharing the story of how we started, to introduce myself prior to speaking at the 2019 MNBA Conference the timing couldn’t have been better.

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March 2018 | Promise Farm Buffalo

Shawn McMartin | Menomonie, Wisconsin

It has been over one year “post bison” for John and I.  On December 23rd, 2016 the last of our bison were loaded out; thus ending 32 years of bison roaming on Promise Farm.

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December 2017 | O-Gee-Mah Ranch

Jeff and Connie Lawrence | Beulah, Michigan

Sharing recipe for: Savory Bison Melting Pot Chowder.

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May 2017 | Big Creek Bison

Steve, Diane, Jeff, Jeremy and Ava Allemann | Eleva and Baldwin, Wisconsin

Big Creek Bison dates back to the summer of 1987 when Steve and Diane Allemann purchased their first 25 bison from Richard Sarazin out of Onalaska, WI.

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September 2017 | Snow Bound Bison

Gary, Donna and Wyatt Workman | Barron, Wisconsin

What was a dairy farm is now a bison farm. I have always had an interest in bison but the summer of 1999 is when I got serious.

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