Minnesota Bison Association
Helping Members Successfully Raise and Promote Bison

The Minnesota Bison Association

The Minnesota Bison Association (MnBA) Mission: Helping Members Successfully Raise and Promote Bison.

MnBA was established in 1993 by a group of bison producers under the guidance of Minnesota Department of Agriculture’s Minnesota Grown program.

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Our Members

MnBA members have developed the association into multiple components. Members, an enthusiastic, dedicated group, contribute countless volunteer hours towards MnBA projects. Simply stated, in the bison industry, the association is known as a “mover & shaker” amongst bison associations.

Today, the association’s membership includes producers, processors, meat sellers, enthusiasts, veterinarians, equipment suppliers and website development. Membership reaches well beyond the Minnesota borders, including members who reside in seventeen US states and two Canadian Provinces.   The cohesive mixture represented creates a diversity of innovative ideas that fortify the ever-expanding endeavors of the MnBA.


Early in the year, the Association’s very active Promotion-Education committee hit the road and can be seen around the state promoting bison in countless venues; schools, community events, FFA’s State Convention and Farm Shows to just name a few.

Then just when Spring is beginning to present herself there is an explosion of bison camaraderie at the Association’s Annual Educational Conference. A member, rotating the location around the state year after year, hosts the conference. Two and a half days filled with great speakers, food, fellowship and a whole lot of “Buffalo Talk”.

The year wraps up with the only bison auction in the Upper Midwest held in Albany, MN. Held annually the Saturday following Thanksgiving, the auction has two segments. First sold are the consignments to the Legends of the Fall, a judged show, where members present their fine breeding stock to buyers. Minnesota’s Harvest consignments follow the judged animals.