Minnesota Bison Association
Helping Members Successfully Raise and Promote Bison

Raising Bison

Ask a current bison producer and they are apt to tell you their herd has educated them far more than they have educated the herd.

MnBA’s Bison Basics booklet shares an introduction to raising this majestic animal.

Receive a free printed version by contacting the Association by email info@mnbison.org or phone 507-454-2828 sharing your name and postal address...better yet why wait view it here on line

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Bison Meat

Call it bison or buffalo…either name is correct.
This versatile, antibiotic, hormone-free meat is truly Delicious!!!!

Visit our Available from Members page to locate members close to you who direct sell, sell on the web and/or sell at area Farmer’s Markets. A few clicks and tasty, healthy bison meat can be yours.

Also check out MnBA’s Recipe page for some favorites. 

Bon Appetit!

The Association

The Minnesota Bison Association proudly represents a diverse group of members who reside in 17 US states and two Canadian Provinces. 

Our members are Producers, who raise  from five to over a thousand bison; Meat Processors/Marketers; Veterinarians; Web designer and Bison Enthusiasts.

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